About Coal Magazine

The magazine came to life only a few months after Nationalisation in May 1947, when the Coal industry was unified. The magazine provided a link between the Coalfields and the mineworkers. It was hoped that many contributions would be from the mineworkers and their families to express their views, but also to be kept informed as well as provide some entertainment.

A magazine for all, not just for families in Coalmining. It was hoped that non-mining individuals would read the magazine also, to get a good understanding of where Coal comes from and how it gets to them. But, also an insight into the people in the industry.

It provides a unique snapshot of miners and their families in this era (1947-56) and shows that Coal was in the blood for all connected to it.

Coal magazine started in May 1947. It changed its name in 1961 to Coal News and became a National newspaper, rather than a magazine. Coal magazine has been digitised and can be searched here.

We are hoping to add more digital content to our website in the future.

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